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0Q: do you sometimes envy the fact that i steal all of your friends away from you one by one?

asked by Darbe

Uou never stole will from me lol nice try we trash talk u 24/7 in pms ^_^. Admir is a bitch tho, keep him.

2Q: would u consider urself an airbender or a genderbender

asked by BengalBoy

clearly air cause im an airhead and can't figure out correct genders

2Q: do u still dislike me

asked by Bluejay7622

No I was over that drama in 2010.

0Q: when are we LoLing

asked by RoboZoe

runs to chembots to slay LoL with my pals robo, shadow and trust

0Q: Why did you name your tengaged account fighterman

asked by Yandereboy12

must of been high or something cause its the dumbest username ever

0Q: Opinion on the gays

asked by Mexus

I don't wanna be banned @_@

0Q: top 3 favorite movies

asked by tofutime

I never have fav movies but il just answer with shows. GoT, Westworld, Avatar the last airbender[LOL]

0Q: I never was on your tribe and i never drank all the water ;(

asked by adeleadele

you cant fool me!

0Q: Opinion On Me?

asked by adeleadele

I hate you in survivor. Esp when you drank all the water last day change, fifi.

-7Q: that's not what you said last night ;)

asked by Willie_


0Q: would u date tarag? Would u stoop that low in life?

asked by Willie_

i stooped low enough with you tho O___O

0Q: What is your favorite part of being a chem bot in training

asked by Piddu

Seeing robozoe trash obese people and oscar trying to break zack and i apart.

0Q: Are you halal or haram?

asked by purplebb4

90% Halal 10% Haram

0Q: Do you hope there are any swaps? If so, who?

asked by Blitszims

fifi swaps off and we get the inactive brazilian. And we 10-0 them.

-16Q: yeah so what

asked by RoboZoe

when u gonna teach me to league..?

-16Q: wanna play roblox

asked by RoboZoe

so i can blindside u in survivor again?

-4Q: Why was I voted out of survivor? Trust has some explaining to do...

asked by maturo

i was more shook than u

0Q: Opinion of me anddd top 3 music artists?

asked by PrincessTeePee

You seem very nice and not afraid to speak your opinions which is a good trait to have. 1. Imagine Dragons. 2. NF. 3. Calvin Harris

0Q: Someone blocking me on Skype and hating me because I wouldn't give them my snapchat.

asked by Admir

That person is you.

0Q: screenshot your fucking phone right fucking now

asked by tofutime


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