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18Q: asafhds

asked by Petro

ugh yes i love you so fucking much

0Q: gis an opinion

asked by Oliviaxoxo

You are my khalessi, my inner strength to try everyday, the only one who matters...

0Q: when will i get tv star?

asked by levvy


0Q: what's your favorite song to listen to while you run?

asked by bowkane

Depends on my mood. I love GoT soundtracks or EDM

0Q: whens the wedding

asked by Oliviaxoxo

When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child.

0Q: Yikes

asked by jadennator1

Wish you loved me the way you love zack

0Q: plz stop acting gay. I know youre not.

asked by EyooMarcus

how can i be gay if i'm going to marry you. my fav female tg'er

0Q: Opinion

asked by JustMe

you are an iconic pop star goddess i dream of meeting irl everyday. Literally if i had to pick between seeing messi or JustMe sue it would def be a JustMe.

0Q: Opinion

asked by Vlad21

You are chill and love our soccer talks but a meanie for shit talking me over vivor when i had nothing to do with it but i'm over that.

0Q: what was your favorite moment of 2017?

asked by bowkane

when depression hit me

0Q: Are you a fighter or are you a man?

asked by Icarus_Mark

Neither :\

15Q: After dating a man would you consider it again

asked by MoreBeastThanYou

Only if it's with you...

0Q: what is your zodiac sign

asked by KatarinaDuCouteau

Gem i think, i never keep up with that boring bull shit.

0Q: kill yourself

asked by Petro


0Q: was that choice to abort me

asked by Willie_


0Q: You lied to @bowkane it's not that cold in Canada.  You just don't want him in our country you hoarder!!

asked by NotAfraid

you live in BC bitch so its warm for u hates u

0Q: fuck marry kill- sihz danielledonato nano

asked by BengalBoy

kill all three but nano will be killed oberyn style

0Q: Were you also straight when you were dating a man with initials DD?

asked by Arris

we never dated BTITCH

0Q: oh okay was worth a shot. how cold is it in Canada?

asked by bowkane

very cold

0Q: I know what you did last summer tsk tsk

asked by Mexus

You ok

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