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0Q: Whats your fav Sweet :D

asked by EllaYay

do people still use this

12Q: let's beyonce knowles and get it on

asked by MrOrange890

okay that I can do

12Q: let's marvin gaye and get it on

asked by MrOrange890

lets not and say we didn't

16Q: Forks or Spoons?

asked by Padfoot


2Q: r u and sauna dating?

asked by doodleshugh


12Q: ...

asked by MrOrange890

ur gross

-4Q: Opinion on F4?

asked by IRandomal123

they slayed

20Q: How is Survivor?

asked by yinzer149

I really like how the season is playing out!

0Q: Are you going to update the Wiki?

asked by IRandomal123

someday... It's a good amount of work and it's not my strong point. I'm probably going to need some assistance, but I will most likely update it soon.

0Q: What would happen if you never wasted another minute of your life, what would that look like?

asked by SmoothStalker12


0Q: Can I return for the bachelorette ??

asked by MrOrange890

the people on that show are usually attractive.

11Q: Who's gonna win your all-stars? (not saying you rig, just want your opinion)

asked by yinzer149

Whoever plays the best game!

12Q: Rate/Opinion c:

asked by TheLogic


12Q: wow @Horny8

asked by Funnehliner

ikr... smh.

27Q: Can I return for the bachelor

asked by Sam101101101

I'm never going to host the bachelor. No.

27Q: What is your favorite breakfast meal ?

asked by jdoerr123

I typically don't eat breakfast, but when I do, I like any kind of omelettes.

42Q: Why do you want me to ask you a question?

asked by coolnarwhal88

bc this damn feature came out today and i wanna test tha waters so to speak

12Q: Nudes x

asked by Survivor8

they're exclusive xx

11Q: If you could add a single new game to Tengaged,what would it be?

asked by KickAss93

I'd like to see a game where you work with a partner, maybe Endurance or The Amazing Race?

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