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0Q: opinion on gabbie hanna's music

asked by SharonMaItems

hell nah

-3Q: Me @ this or don’t @ me?

asked by ThebestlerHoH

Me @ this

0Q: Who is diancie for you

asked by MarieEve

Diancie from what i can gather is named Sabrina, 18, and Australian. the last two is what won me over.

0Q: opinion!

asked by PureEssence

its crazy the difference a year makes... before you left tg i remember u looking a whole lot..... yah, but u definitely glowed up. wish u weren't into ariana as much as u are... and hope uni life is treating u well!

0Q: Rita Ora - Let You Love Me

asked by Maxi1234

oh no no no

0Q: best canadian city?

asked by BengalBoy


0Q: daddi

asked by paul028

get the hell away from me boi

0Q: What's poppin' B?

Did you have an amazing day today? : )

asked by TR1364

i had a slight above average day today, thank u for asking T

10Q: remember there was a time where u were actually nice to me

asked by anthousai

i still am EXTREMELY nice to u?

0Q: What you think my star placement will be

asked by TwoStep


0Q: Who do you think is the cutest couple on tg? Who do you think is going to make it in real life?

asked by heatherlum

i hope me and jadennator1

0Q: 3user 5 4th 2ndblog comment"a"

Try to solve the riddle lmao. Not a question, but if ya do, I'll give you endless support in anything and gift you when I can

asked by xMountain22x

way too complicated idgi

0Q: Opinion

asked by MarieEve

have not talked to u one on one in my tg life, but i appreciate whenever u comment on my blogs

0Q: Why do you hate me?

asked by CiTy

i don't hate u, i just find u weird (too weird), and annoying.. btw u deserved to get banned each time buddy

0Q: she's feisty isnt she? thoughts on Head above water and the new ERA?

asked by 2388

Head Above Water was a solid start

0Q: are u mad I’m the cuter sister :/

asked by anthousai

i would be if u were :/

0Q: what is your opinion of zakisaboss

asked by homocuspocus

i hear he's racist..

0Q: thoughts on kim petras new ep

asked by SharonMaItems

who in tf cares or knows who that is ?

0Q:  Kayleigh Morris is a British TV personality! She is mixed race, and has long brown hair!

Here's a gif of her

and this is her arguing w girls

asked by 2388

wow how interesting

0Q: no

asked by jjvawesomeness0511

buzz off jj

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