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0Q: Lexa or Octavia

asked by sihz

obviously octavia.. no tv character in history is better than her

0Q: I swear to god i'm not scared

asked by varlto


-5Q: Hey there Dalila whats it like it NYC

asked by 2388

it's a rat infested city.. i fucking hate the smell, and the fatties here

-5Q: Can u touch your toes ?

asked by Crayadian

yeah after all these years, still can


asked by 2388

Rihanna's last good song.. good movie too

-5Q: Underaged girls dont want u

asked by Maybelline

brb snapping the 17 year old bittie im currently wheeling (17 isn't underaged btw, so pls everyone who reads this don't call me a pet of file)

-5Q: Do you think you will do well on the final?

asked by Memphis_Grizzlies

oh im more confident than i've ever been don't even worry about me

-5Q: Would you suck my dick

asked by Babeeeidah

i wouldn't let u suck mine, let alone suck ur fictional mushroom tip

7Q: Where did you get that full avatar omg?

asked by M_Davis1998

Pretty hot eh? Thanks

10Q: u rho

asked by Jinxh


25Q: Who’s your new favorite in BBcan since Erica is gone

asked by Silver09


2Q: why is @wwemrpeeps a pedophile

asked by Carsonl

im assuming because he likes lil boys

21Q: Thoughts on having a crush on the wrong avril for 15 years?

asked by wumblebee

u think ur funny or something mf?

6Q: It’s pretty ironic that you of all people call me a coward. Aren’t you a self proclaimed “pussy”... when I’m back in Medicine Hat are you going to man up and fight me ?

asked by Crayadian

no i don't fight pussies

10Q: we were screwed

asked by jessijuliet

ill say, katie doesn't deserve what's about to happen to her

-7Q: Why aren’t you banging underage meth head chick right now?

asked by Crayadian

*heroin and ugh i wish not even gonna lie

-7Q: fuck marry kill:
me, Katie and pombagira?

asked by jessijuliet

f: katie
m: u
k: pomegranate

-7Q: Everything

asked by Crayadian

sounds like ur lying to everyone via my askme link

-14Q: Why do u constantly lie to people

asked by Crayadian

about what?

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