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0Q: Who's your ideal famous romantic partner?

asked by BrainJak

chrissy costanza

0Q: I just took a massive shit eariler and I'm PROUD

asked by dwipeouts

rock on man

8Q: who is the girl hugging you in your avi

asked by jjvawesomeness0511

tg girlfriend

0Q: Why do I hate you

asked by HaliFord


0Q: You have any recommendations on a single 18 yr old thotty i could date?

asked by Survivor8

ayyy the best kind of lady

0Q: if you could spend a day with 1 person dead or alive who would you choose

asked by JustMe


10Q: Oprah vs Hillary clinton?

asked by Kaseyhope101

I'd vote Oprah. Anyone over Hillary.

-1Q: my question is question

asked by Lifeiscool

my answer is answer

-1Q: What is your name??

asked by Oliviaxoxo


15Q: If you had the chance to spy on a hot girl showering, would you do it?

asked by Maybelline

nah im not like that

-2Q: Are you a “I’ll fuck a girl gently & the way she likes it” type of guy, or a “I’ll rape her pussy & make her bleed” type of guy?

asked by Maybelline

Questions contradictory. Some girls are into the first part of the 2nd quotes. I’d do whatever the girl’s into though, guess I’m passive that way.

-2Q: what's your name??

asked by Oliviaxoxo



asked by Oliviaxoxo


13Q: have you ever felt lonely

asked by BritishRomeo17

yeah grade 9-10 years were some tough times. but it was probably just regular teenage feelings

0Q: Would you apply to be just a regular minister for Canada

asked by Kaseyhope101

nah, i'm more so just a person who criticizes political people, not become one myself

0Q: Favorite Sex Position? ;)

asked by paul028

reverse cowgirl

0Q: Would you ever run for Canadian president

asked by Kaseyhope101

*Prime Minister and hell nah

0Q: Watch The Gifted.

asked by HaliFord

lol i always was gonna watch it, but never got around to it. i'll maybe start it right away!

13Q: am i gay?

asked by YasGaga

gay is an understatement

0Q: what's your name??

asked by Oliviaxoxo


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