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0Q: 2 qs
1: would i know ur old account
2: how r u doing

asked by JonMcGillis

1. yeah I think you would
2. im doing well actually today was a great day

0Q: will you ever reveal your old account?

asked by JasonXtreme

no, ill never officially reveal my account mostly because im a much better person on this account. But a lot of people who have been around for a while know who my old account is

0Q: favorite rule of integration

asked by Galaxies

i havent done integration in so long but honesly u-sub was pretty fun

-5Q: Will the Frookies League be renewed for a second season?

asked by noah_kondon

Yes probably, but not immediately

0Q: What weight bowling ball do u use

asked by Answerable

not exactly sure, maybe like 12 or 13 points I wanna say?

0Q: I am having a seizure from the shaggy gif

asked by RickDev

me too smh blame itzethan

0Q: Damn, what鈥檚 your skill level in tennis?

asked by Midiaw

my UTR is 10.8, and I am top 200 in my grade in the USA. I am also near the top 10,000 globally based on UTR, which is pretty accurate

0Q: howd u come up with PFL

asked by Galaxies

honestly one day I was just troll blogging about how I was like "Gold 2 in frookies" or something and it gave me the idea of professional frookies which I figured I could turn into a league that people would enjoy

0Q: What you exhausted from

asked by Kindred7

living off 5 hours of sleep, school, tennis practice, and homework

-5Q: What movie are you embarrassed to say u like?

asked by cantevendougie

Idk, I honestly haven鈥檛 watched many movies haha

-10Q: Nerd

asked by Yawnha

So r u nerd

0Q: why are you so bad at tennis

asked by rohanprabhu

its because i dont have a 110 mph serve


asked by ITZ3THAN


0Q: nerd

asked by Mrkk


0Q: what's ur LEAVE favorite thing about Gryzles?

asked by Yawnha

He has a higher AP Lit grade than me


asked by Maxi1234

MEANIE AND DUMB!!!!! jk youre one of the few somewhat normal people here and youre one of the few good bloggers as well

0Q: opinion :O

asked by tycoon1234

You seem cool, although I don't know you too well. You comment on my blogs often so thank u for that

0Q: What is like being tengaged鈥檚 most normal user 馃帳 馃懆馃徎

asked by doobee

its hard honestly. everyone else is so weird i just kinda feel like its unfair that im so normal y'know i have a lot of sympathy for the rest of y'all

-6Q: are you gonna be staying in a dorm with roommates? or off campus?

asked by Kindred7

Hopefully in a dorm with roommates, but im guessing that if students arent vaccinated, they will have to do remote learning

-7Q: Assume that y is a function of x. Find y' = dy/dx for x=3 + sqrt{x^2+y^2}

asked by tbrown_47


I hope I did that right, its been so long since ive done derivatives by hand

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