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8Q: From turkeylover bought in shop Laganja Estranga
2388ve you... if you don't gift me, you will regret it! But congrats on 6 gifts in 1 day!

asked by Marktint_1


5Q: ur such a king how does ur fur coat feel

asked by peace123

It feels LOVELY! I put it in my closet lol I'll wear it again tomorrow

5Q: how big is ur dick

asked by TheEclipse

I'm a minor do u want me to call the police right now coz I will, test me

-10Q: Who is the most vile tg'er?

asked by heatherlum

Hmmm probs Rozlyn

-10Q: Opin

asked by HaliFord

Queen of collecting LB and being an all-round nice person

-5Q: no one likes you faggot

asked by Maybelline

Lmao! thank u

-5Q: Name your 3 tengaged friends so I can harass them too

asked by Jayglezst


6Q: Is water wet?

asked by AshelyMcDrama

I dont know, yes and no coz water cant be wet coz its already wet and wet + wet is not wet but then again wet is one thing

6Q: What is your favorite american dish?

asked by heatherlum

Buffalo wings

11Q: Hi :)

asked by Piizza


11Q: Do u have any friends url? Or tengage?

asked by Jayglezst

loads irl im part of a squaddd
lol I only have like 3 actual friends on here

-4Q: Do you actually think you can sing you piece of shit?

asked by Jayglezst

Die of cancer

4Q: am i drippin in finesse?

asked by _Finesse


11Q: Do you love me yet?

asked by Kaylabby

I always did!

-5Q: https://ezgif.com/images/loadcat.gif

asked by Arizona_


-5Q: fave degrassi character?

asked by TessaBrooks

Rachel Berry

-5Q: Brat

asked by Kaylabby

I know I am lol

4Q: Why are you obsessed with me?

asked by M_Davis1998

Boy I wanna knowwww! Love that song!

-4Q: https://ezgif.com/images/loadcat.gif

asked by GoodKaren


-4Q: hi nice to meet you

asked by Piizza

U too!

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